Sparrow mobile

尺寸:約W33x H23cm
原材料:Paper, Aluminium, White Ash Wood
顏色: Blue / Yellow

設計師:Clara yee

A new type of stand mobile made of paper, stainless steel and wood has been created. It can be easily placed on a desk, etc., moves even in a slight wind, and a mysterious floating feeling is created by using a thin stainless steel material. Each bird is designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees, so it shows various expressions depending on the wind wipe. The package contains three parts, the base wood, the columns, and the motif balance parts. Available in two colors, yellow and blue. Especially blue is a perfect gift as a happy blue bird.

Clara is a multi-disciplinary designer and co-founder of in the wild, a nomadic creative studio based in Singapore. She graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and has since honed her image-making skills and creative strategies planning, working across disciplines and industries. Her pursuit of cross-cultural collaborative projects brought work with private and public sectors internationally in Mexico City, Beijing, Japan, USA, and has given her an open and global perspective.

tempo is a mobile brand born in 2013.
A mobile with a beautiful structure, born from collaborations with domestic and foreign designers, is a product that approaches space and time.At a factory in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, assembly professionals assemble each piece carefully by hand so as not to lose the balance.The perfect balance of materials, modeling, and gravity is attractive.

Mobiles are said to be “kinetic sculptures.”
Cascaded in a fine balance, the moving parts sway elegantly in the subtle breeze and create a favorable atmosphere with a comfy accent. tempo is a series of mobiles which sculptured the attractiveness of material shaping, the fine balance in relation to the gravity, and the unique rhythm repeating itself in silence.

Text & Photo:THE TABIBITO & tempo

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