Energy Flow

尺寸:W60cm x H100cm
原材料:Stainless steel, glass

A mobile using thin, elastic stainless steel wires as its structural framework. The part at the bottom end of the mobile acts as a weight and conveys the gravity throughout the six (6) building pieces of steel wires, resulting in the unique shaping of the mobile. It’s a mobile in which the gravity unfolds its own shape.

DRILL DESIGN is a design studio founded by YUSUKE HAYASHI and YOKO YASUNISHI in 2001. They have directed various product design projects and have engaged in graphic design, package design, and interior design as well. DRILL DESIGN seeks new possibilities through its creations based on their concept that design is not a goal but an instrument of creating the future.

tempo is a mobile brand born in 2013.
A mobile with a beautiful structure, born from collaborations with domestic and foreign designers, is a product that approaches space and time.At a factory in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, assembly professionals assemble each piece carefully by hand so as not to lose the balance.The perfect balance of materials, modeling, and gravity is attractive.

Mobiles are said to be “kinetic sculptures.”
Cascaded in a fine balance, the moving parts sway elegantly in the subtle breeze and create a favorable atmosphere with a comfy accent. tempo is a series of mobiles which sculptured the attractiveness of material shaping, the fine balance in relation to the gravity, and the unique rhythm repeating itself in silence.

Text & Photo:THE TABIBITO & tempo

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